Broke Boys at the Arena is a Brand new, indoor show to join this year’s modified car events calendar.

After the success of Broke Boys at the Farm 1,2 and 3 we are now taking the brand to a new location situated in Colchester, Essex.


As always, at Broke Boys, we strive to make car shows unique, enjoyable and most of all accepting. In true Broke Boys fashion, we will be “Giving Budget stand a chance” with the Arenas new application structure in relation to other shows.


How Does it work?

Unlike other shows we will not be picking the best and most expensive builds. We are looking for creativity, variety and, most importantly, builds on a budget. To do this we have 4 build cost categories when applying for the show. Our Pricing Categories are an estimation of what you think is the total build cost for your car. This will allow us to pick a select number of cars from each category to enter the selected spots at the show.


If you apply, where will your car be?

At the Arena we have multiple areas on offer. We have 80 spaces inside the venue to fill. These builds will be our very top selection of variety and quality. 20 cars will be picked from each category to take a spot!

We then have a 201 space, VIP Bay area outside of the main doors of the Arena. An equal number of cars from each category will be selected to take a position here. These selected cars will be graded alongside the indoor applicants in a chance to win one of our unique awards.


Our final show section is the fairway. Our fairway field can hold up to 900 cars. This area of the show will work on first come first served basis. The first people to arrive at the show, who haven’t been selected for the indoor or VIP area, will fill this section and have the opportunity to win prizes and awards. Once the fair way is full cars will be placed on public parking areas.


How will cars be graded:

Once again, we are here to make sure everyone gets an equal chance. If you are lucky enough to have claimed one of our selected spots then you will be awarded by category. Each category will have a unique set of awards and only go up against others in their class. If you are an attendee and have managed to get parked in our Fairway section you will also have the chance of winning awards and prizes.  Our unique set of awards will allow everyone a chance of winning.


This event is a one-day event. Indoor selected cars will arrive on the Saturday evening. All other attendees must arrive on Sunday. If your car is selected for an indoor or VIP space you will be contacted separately. Please be aware that General admission Tickets are PER PERSON. You must have purchased a general admission ticket to apply to have your vehicle in a selected area. If you do not wish to display your car this ticket will also grant you entry to the venue. Tickets are sent to you immediately. Tickets are E-Tickets and must be printed prior to arrival. Tickets will also be available to purchase on the door at an unconfirmed price.